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How to Make Colored Flowers

Step by step instructions to Make Colored Flowers Its simple to make your own shaded blossoms, particularly carnations and daisies, however there are two or three deceives that help guarantee extraordinary outcomes. Heres how you do it. Tips Materials: Light-hued blossoms, food shading, waterConcepts Illustrated: Evaporation, attachment, xylem, slim actionTime Required: Few hours to a dayExperience Level: Beginner Hued Flower Materials New blossoms, ideally white - Dont utilize withered blossoms since they probably won't have the option to ingest water well. Great decisions incorporate daisies and carnations.Food coloringWarm water You can utilize different shades of blossoms other than white. Simply remember the last shade of the blossom will be a blend of the nature colors in the bloom and the color. Likewise, many blossom shades are pH markers, so you can essentially change the shade of certain blossoms by placing them into water with preparing pop (a base) or lemon juice/vinegar (regular feeble acids). Make Colored Flowers Trim the stems of your blossoms so they arent too much long.Make an inclined cut at the base of the stem submerged. The cut is inclined with the goal that the stem wont sit level on the base of the holder. A level cut can keep the bloom from taking in water. Make the slice submerged to forestall air rises from shaping in the minuscule cylinders at base of the stem, which would forestall water/shading from being attracted up.Add food shading to a glass. Youre taking a gander at around 20-30 drops of food shading per half cup of warm water. Warm water will be taken more promptly than cold water.Set the moist stem of the blossom in the hued water. The petals should get shaded following a couple of hours. It might take up to 24 hours, be that as it may, contingent upon the flower.You can set the shaded blossoms in plain water or bloom additive, however they will keep on drinking water, changing the example of the shading after some time. Getting Fancy You can cut the stem up the center and put each side in an alternate shading to get bi-hued blossoms. What do you figure you will get on the off chance that you put half of the stem in blue color and half in yellow color? What might occur in the event that you take a shaded bloom and put its stem in color of an alternate shading? How It Works A couple of various procedures are associated with plant drinking or transpiration. As water dissipates from blossoms and leaves, the appealing power between water atoms called union pulls more water along. Water is gotten up through minuscule cylinders (xylem) that run up a plants stem. In spite of the fact that gravity should pull the water down toward the ground, water sticks to itself and these cylinders. This hairlike activity keeps water in the xylem similarly as water remains in a straw when you suck water through it, with the exception of vanishing and biochemical responses give the underlying upward force.

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A Note on the Arts and Crafts Schools of Germany

A Note on the Arts and Crafts Schools of Germany Essay Tive and hence enchanting little canvas by D. W. Take a stab at, â€Å"Eveningâ€Septem ber†; J. Francis Murphy shows a little work magnificently interpretative entitled â€Å"Showery Day†; J. Alden Weir is seen at his best in Autumn,† and William Lathrop in â€Å"A Stretch of Salt Marsh land.† Emil Carlsen’s â€Å"Wood Interior† has brightening quality beside genius nounced excellence both of subject and treat ment; Charles H. Davis’s â€Å"Summer in the Hills† joins traditional soul with present day immediacy. Among the painters of winter, the translators of sunlit cold airâ€Schofield, Redfield and Gard ner Symonsâ€are as regular to the fore. Daniel Garber’s prize winning picture appears, not just honorable interpretation of the nuances of light and air, however feeling for structure and a fine feeling of shading. Leonard Ochtman, Willard Met calf, Ben Foster, Bolton Jones and Hobart Nichols send prominent canvases. That subject is of less significance than treatment is showed by two paint ings, one of a â€Å"Sow and Pigs† in a farm by Horatio Walker, the other of â€Å"Porpoise† jumping through a wave, by Clifford W. Ashleyâ€each individual in treatment however similarly captivating as a result. Incredible instances of still life paint ing are appeared. Pursue sends another splendid canvas of fish, which straightway upon the opening of the ex hibition found a buyer; H. R. Riten berg, Alice Worthington Ball, Hugh Breckenridge, Carl Schmitt and Aline Solomons each contributes an investigation which assists with elevating the normal of legitimacy. Following the custom of past seasons the Corcoran Gallery has made buys from this show for its perpetual assortment gaining the accompanying seven works before the entryways were available to the general population: â€Å"My Daughter † by F. W. Ben child, â€Å"Incoming Tide† by R. N.Brooke, â€Å"Woods in Winter† by John F. Carlson, â€Å"Late Autumn Moonrise† by Ben Foster, â€Å"Cape Porpoise† by Chauncey F. Ryder and Autumn† by J. Alden Weir. NOTE ON THE ARTS AND CRAFTS SCHOOLS OF GERMANY Easygoing American who meanders JL into a room named â€Å"Kunst-Gewerbe Schule† in one of the numerous German in dustrial displays, looks with inert if promotion soiling eye at the instances of gems, draw ings and weaving, vainly attempts to figure out the signs on the divider allude ring to â€Å"Metal Arbeit,† â€Å"Druckerei† and Sticherei,† and passes on oblivious of the way that he has seen the consequences of one of the most exceptional components of the intricate German educational system. The subtleties of this framework vary in every one of the few urban areas of Germany, however in the primary the arrangement is the equivalent. It is one which tries to choose via looking through assessment youthful, driven and gifted craftsmans, and to prepare them under educators of the most elevated evaluations of creative information and specialized aptitude. The time given to this preparation fluctuates, however it is once in a while under four years, and at times is drawn out for six or seven. The competitors originate from an assortment of sources, a large number of them from the Craft or Gewcrbe schools, estab lished to prepare the chaps that have al prepared had some masterful establishment in schools for â€Å"Lchrling† as understudies. The Lchrling† schools give a bit of drawing with the components of general instruction to the student who has left the â€Å"Folk† school at fourteen. The Gewerbc† or Craft school gives considerably more in the method of creative laborer transport and commonsense expertise, however it is re served for the â€Å"Kunst-Gcwcrbc† school to take the pick of the youngsters, those with the quickest aesthetic sense and capacity, and train them to deliver work of the most noteworthy specialized request and exceed expectations lence. Numbers don't include in these schoolsâ€one once in a while finds a participation of in excess of 200 or so in the day school and maybe the same number of additional in unique and night classes, while the resources are enormous, frequently twenty-five to thirty educators and partners giving exercises at various occasions consistently. Peruse: sixteenth Century Northern Europe I: Germany and FrancePractically every great measured German city has one of these Arts and Crafts schools. Some, normally, are in manufacture ings which go back various years, however the aspiration of each chief is to have another structure, and the individuals who have understood this point see their separate schools housed in excellent structures, total with present day comforts. In any case, however a considerable lot of the more seasoned schools are in structures coming up short on a portion of the things their heads want, it must not be comprehended that they curve sick prepared. On the con trary, the studios and work-shops regularly speak to a venture of numerous thou sands of dollars, which the state expects to draw enthusiasm on, through an expanding interest for crafted by German plan ers, duplicated in a large number of occupied German manufacturing plants. A composite picture, one which will expect to appear initially exactly wha t a â€Å"Kunst-Gewerbe† school resembles, is of need hard to draw. Like all composites it won't be valid for any one school, however for the most part dedicated to the sort. What follows, be that as it may, is an at entice toward this path. See then a major structure with focal secured court loaded up with instances of stu dents’ work, a changeless display of the workmanship result of the school. Gone round will be the studiosâ€great rooms, with tremendous studio windows and studio seats, model stands, and racks for planning phases. The spaces for cast drawing and for displaying will have the dividers draped profound with mortar throws, while in the adjoining corridors will be scores a greater amount of all sizes from a little bust to an extraordinary gathering of some Greek ace. There will be a library with approximately many books on workmanship, and somewhere in the range of thousands of plates, along with the present craftsmanship magazines, German, English, French and Italian; at that point will come twelve or so studios with prepare ments of drawing tables of different sorts adjusted to the requirements of the understudies of life drawing, mechanical drawing, still life painting, plan, structural draw ing, etc. Every one of the class studios will have bordering it the Professors studioâ€a great size room, with fine light and all the properties† amassed by an educator, dynamic in the quest for his spe cial subject out of class hours. Another scope of studios still can't seem to be visitedâ€the â€Å"work-rooms,† about six on the whole, of good size and extent, each intricately prepared for some uncommon part of work, metal, clay, material, embellishing painting, form, lithogra-phy, book-authoritative, and such. (Each school varies concerning these exceptional pragmatic courses.) Again we will discover case after case loaded up with models and again the professor’s studio. On the off chance that we are welcomed into the last we will sec lover tiful instances of the handiwork of this practiced educator. What's more, the understudies? Normally the more prominent number circular segment found in the studios where bend showed the basics. In the prior long stretches of the course the rooms will be loaded with people, drawing from cast or life, painting still life or working out keen issues in light and conceal, or delightful example. The work is in every case pretty much individual, and on occasion about six diverse tech niques will be utilized by the same number of discrete understudies. This is a striking trait of these classes. The genius fessor must know numerous methods, and thus is relied upon to have his stu marks figure out how to function from the model from multiple points of view and with various media: charcoal, pastel, pencil, watcr shading, oils, gouache, pen and ink, tem pera. Barely any things are more amazing to the guest than to see a propelled class in drawing or configuration, making beguiling delineations in an incredible wide range of structures and handlings. All go on together, however, as one of the instructors commented, The understudies can't all do allâ€but they gain from one an other. In the work-shops things are as occupied, yet not almost so swarmed. There one discovers about six or twelve understudies, propelled students completely grounded in line, structure and example, working discreetly at singular issues. On the off chance that it is a metal working room one will be building up the components of a jeweled clasp, another setting up an enameled box, a third drawing up a si lver measuring glass which is to be embossed,â€a bit of work requiring limitless ability and persistence. The ace will presently say a word to one, presently to an other, here a touch of assist will with being given, presently an insight with a savvy sting of criti cism. Peruse: Nazi Germany EssayThe work must be right†Ã¢â‚¬ not much or pitiful will go for a moment. On the off chance that these things need seven days, take a week†Ã¢â‚¬what is seven days in four years’ preparing for command! So likewise we will discover issues in other shop-studios. In the material room we may see excellent bits of weaving or maybe a table-front of enchanting shading and structure; in the earthenware room, containers of fine shape and line, containers of interesting vanity of structure and colorâ€of course made and terminated in the school oven. The educator of the printing expressions will give us etchings, dry prints, mezzotints, and lithographs made by his little gathering of specialists, and the teacher of sculp ture will display about six tasks all being developed, or may, as in Vien na, take us out into the open nursery back of the school and show the decora tions in â€Å"Calk-Stone made by his students. Perchance, we may come to one room where just two or three understudies are grinding away and wonder whether a course so inadequately disparaged is viewed as a suc cess. There we should make the simple mistake of assessing achievement in numbers, instead of in fine craftsmanship. A word to the executive will fix us. Ok, this course, yes. We have hardly any understudies with the correct ability

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Topics to Write an Essay On

Topics to Write an Essay OnTopics are an important part of any article, because they allow you to create the kind of structure in which you can answer a question and also have something to work from in order to answer it. What you will find that there are many good topics to write an essay on. By doing this you will be able to make a topic idea and put it down into words.Some good topics to write an essay on may be a word about the topic or a history. However, there are plenty of topics to write an essay on that may not appear to be as great. Some examples of topics to write an essay on are things like:A topic for an essay can be based around one of these ideas or a combination of them. It really depends on what the essay is going to be about.When you are creating your essay, it will be important to make sure that the piece of paper that you are writing on has enough space for you to write on it. You need to make sure that you leave enough room so that you will be able to write and o utline your essay. You will also want to make sure that you have a pen and paper so that you can make sure that you do not miss any information or words that need to be added to your piece of paper. If you have a mistake on your paper then you will not be able to correct it without going back and starting again.Once you have decided on a topic for your essay, you will need to look at all of the information that you have and determine which ones are important to you. You will want to make sure that you use only your most important information. If you have written it all out it may seem like a lot but if you know where to go looking for it can still be worth it. With enough research you will be able to find some good topics to write an essay on.Writing an essay is a very important process for many people. Writing is a skill that must be learned and mastered. Once you have been able to learn how to write, you will be able to write as good as or better than many other people. This is an accomplishment that will make you happy.By knowing which topics to write an essay on you will be able to make your writing become more organized. It will take a lot of things and ideas to go in and out of your essay. Without an organized essay it will be difficult to have it edited down. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you use the right subject to write an essay on.Topics are the building blocks of your essays. So you will want to make sure that you know all of the topics that you can when writing your essay. It will give your essay a structure and make it easier to get through.

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Non-Profit Organization Analysis World Vision Essay

Non-profit Organization Analysis: World Vision * Background and History World Vision, founded in the USA in 1950 by a young pastor Robert Pierce, is one of the largest relief and development organizations in the world whose total revenue coming grants, product and foreign donations is about $2.6 billion. The first area that World Vision focused on was orphans and other children in need, beginning in South Korea, and then expanding throughout Asia. Today, they operate in more than 90 countries, such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Afghanistan, India, Romania, Austria, Bolivia, El Salvador, Mexico, Jerusalem, and Papua New Guinea. They are now focusing on larger issues of community development and advocacy for the poor towards the end of helping†¦show more content†¦World Vision International operates as a federation of interdependent national offices, each overseen by their own boards or advisory councils. Each office and its members have created a common mission statement. Through an ongoing system of peer review, each national partner is held accountable and abides by common policies and standards. The partnership offices coordinate operations of the organization and represent World Vision in the international arena. For making large scale decisions, the international organization cons iders opinions from each national office, whether in the developed or developing world. An international board of directors oversees the World Vision partnership. The full board meets twice a year to appoint senior officers, approve strategic plans and budgets, and determine international policy. * Meet Community Needs One of the factors that make World Vision successful is it partners with communities, local governments and other offices around the world in order to carry out its mission. It accomplishes this in several ways, depending on the needs of the community, and creates programs where it works with the community to facilitate a range of interventions, including programs in health, water and sanitation, education, and so on. Throughout the programs, people in communities haveShow MoreRelatedEssay about Exploring the Arts and Resource Management1369 Words   |  6 Pagesterm that encompasses all forms of resources and how they can be developed and managed to create an effective and efficient use of the organizations available resources. Resources are typically thought of as including tangible things such as goods, buildings, equipment, technology, financial resources, and people, or non-tangible things like creative ideas, vision, and mission. Each of these resources can be broken down to fit into a more specific category heading such as human resource managementRead MoreSwot Analysis : A Swot1735 Words   |  7 PagesImportance of SWOT Analysis A SWOT Analysis is a carefully planned method of analysis that seeks to discover the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats or challenges to, typically, a project, non-profit, business venture, or public organization. This analysis can also help illuminate the external and internal environment realities in which the organization lives. A SWOT Analysis is critical because its purpose is to align these SWOTS with the organization’s long-term strategies, short-termRead MoreMission Statement : Westpac Bank893 Words   |  4 PagesVision or mission statement Westpac bank Westpac bank vision is to be one of leading bank in the world, assist client / customer to get wealth and build their business, strategy of Westpac is to submit this vision by support stakeholder, create long term relationship with customer, be upfront in the social and create healthy and safe place work environment for staff . (1) main thing in business value in organisation are cooperationRead MoreStrategic Planning Model for Homeless Shelter1038 Words   |  5 PagesBackground of Organization Help Everyone Malaysia (â€Å"HEM†) was established in 1990 as a non-profit organization which is fully supported by the Malaysian Women, Family and Community Development Ministry. Its management consists of five former Malaysian government senior officers previously working under various social groups in Malaysia with staff strength of 20 full-time administrative staffs supported by another 50 part-time volunteers. HEM plans to provide supports and services annually to approximatelyRead MoreCase Study: Miller Co1322 Words   |  6 PagesSituation Analysis: Norman Adami is the CEO of Miller Brewing Company. In 2003, Adami was brought in from its parent company South Africa Breweries Miller PLC, to improved market share for the company. SABMiller purchased the Miller Brewery Co. from Philip Morris Company in 2002. During the time, Philip Morris owned the company, beers sales had been on the declined for the past 15 years. There competitor Anheuser-Busch has been the No 1 bre wery company in the United States for the past 15 yearsRead MoreAn Organization s Mission And Vision Statements795 Words   |  4 Pagesmany organizations of all types all over the world, non-profit, for-profit, governmental agencies, ect., in order to develop a strategic planning and improve strategies within their organizational structures. It pertains to many different aspects from financial aspects, employee retention, and customer satisfaction, internal and external perspectives, to employee morale, as well as accountability. A balanced scorecard will indicate weaknesses and strengths of all aspects within an organization suchRead MoreSwot Analysis of Pacific Science Center Essay1500 Words   |  6 PagesThe Pacific Science Center Introduction The pacific science center is a non-profit museum that deals with scientific artifacts. It is located in the Seattle downtown and just next to the Space Needle. Pacific science center is a popular destination in the state in relation to science. The center focuses on environmental ecology including wetland and nature awareness. The center provides travelling exhibits that includes outreach programs, science education vans and even science on wheelsRead MorePersonal Statement : Elon Musk1366 Words   |  6 PagesElon Musk Imagine a world where cars didn’t run on gas, where you live in a home and don’t have to pay an electric bill. How about on your next vacation you take a trip into outer space? All of this can soon be possible thanks to a visionary and ethical leader, Elon Musk. I will explain how his idealized influence, intellectual courage, inspirational motivation, are going to make things not just better for his businesses but for mankind. I will also highlight his ethical behaviors and leadershipRead MoreNon Profit Finance Fund ( Nff ) Unlocks The Potential Of Mission Driven Organizations Essay974 Words   |  4 Pages Non profit finance fund Non profit finance fund 70 west 36th street Eleventh floor new york,NY 100018 NFF ®: ABOUT US What We Do Nonprofit Finance Fund ® (NFF ®) unlocks the potential of mission-driven organizations through tailored investments, strategic advice and accessible insights. Founded in 1980, NFF helps organizations connect money to mission effectivelyRead MoreSwot Analysis : Starbucks Company s Mission, Vision, And Primary Stakeholders Essay1626 Words   |  7 Pagesstakeholders. A SWOT analysis will be used so that their strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed as well as their threats and weaknesses. The five forces of competition will be In this capstone assignment, I will discuss Starbuck’s. I will determine the impact of the company’s mission, vision, and primary stakeholders’ overall success. An analyzation will be performed to identify the five forces of competition and their impact on the company. I will perform a SWOT analysis to determine the strengths

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The Impact Of Steve Jobs On The World Of Technology Today

Our world of technology today is what the world is run by. Technology is much different than what it was thirty years ago. We would not have the technology we have today if it weren’t for Steve Jobs. We wouldn’t have any of the Apple products that half of America uses if it weren’t for Steve Jobs work. Steve Jobs was a very intelligent person. He created many of ideas and objects. Some people would consider him a god to the technology world because of everything he created. Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955 Steve Jobs was an orphan until Paul and Clara Jobs adopted Steve when he was a kid. When Steve was growing up he was surrounded by engineers. In his neighborhood everyone around him were engineers. When he was thirteen years old he met one of the most important people in his life. That person’s name was Stephen Wozniak a wiz kid from the area. Steve attended Homestead High School. When Steve was in high school he and Stephen Wozniak pulled many pranks. One incident was they put a middle finger statue on one of the buildings in the high school. Chris-Ann Brennan was his high school sweetheart. When Jobs was eighteen years old he was getting near his college days and he told his parents he wanted to go to Reed College. It was a very expensive college located in Oregon. Steve Jobs parents promised him a college education no matter what. While Steve was in Reed College he began to get interested in Eastern mysti cism. Steve Jobs only spentShow MoreRelatedSteve Jobs Role For Shaping The Modern Technology1219 Words   |  5 Pages Informative Speech Omar Alhussain Comm 1101 Glenda Funk FEB 17th 2016 Topic: Steve Jobs role to shape the modern technology General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: I want my audience to know the role of co-founder and ex - Leader of the Apple Company, Steve Jobs for shaping the modern technology Thesis Statement: The three aspects of technology in which the Steve Jobs contributed hugely with breathtaking innovation and idea are: Music, Personal Computing and Smart PhoneRead MoreSteve Jobs: Innovative Genius Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesSteve Jobs was an innovative mastermind with visions that helped change the world. He co-founded Apple inc. which is a well-known billion dollar company, and also invented products so popular, almost anyone you ask owns a product of his. In order to understand why Steve Jobs is an american cultural icon, one needs to have a description of his background and a critical analysis of his moral behavior. Born on the 24th of February, 1955, Jobs was born. Jobs biological parents were graduates of WisconsinRead MoreSteve Jobs Changed The World1054 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Things don’t have to change the world to be important† (â€Å"Steven Paul Jobs†). Steve Jobs, one of the most influential men to ever live on this Earth, believed in things that nobody else did, and he thought differently which led to him becoming successful. Fever few people, almost nobody, throughout Steve’s life believed he would make it far, and he By his way of thinking differently, Steve Jobs’ ideas completely changed the face of technology in the world around us that we know in today’s day,Read MoreSteve Jobs, Mastermind Of Apple Inc.1399 Words   |  6 Pagesindividuals. Steve Jobs, mastermind of Apple Inc., is a nonconformist of the 21st century. Jobs’ ultimate goal during his time with Apple was to inspire the creativeness others through the use of Apple ’s technology. Before Jobs founded Apple Inc. in 1976, computers were nowhere to be found in homes during this time. Rather, computers were mostly found only in lab schools or in certain work offices. As someone who changed the computer industry and made the personal user experience possible, Jobs provedRead MoreSteve Jobs : Nonconformist Of The 21st Century1387 Words   |  6 PagesSteve Jobs: Nonconformist of the 21st Century When an individual adheres to the standards and regulation that are set by society, they are considered a conformist in its purest form. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those who do not follow these specific guidelines set by society are labeled as nonconformists. In essence, a nonconformist is an individual who goes beyond the principles of others, at the same time, is able to enhance the well-being and creativeness of other individuals. SteveRead MoreSteve Jobs And Fred Shuttlesworth1222 Words   |  5 Pagestook a look back in history, I came across a couple of men that died on the same day. Both of these men have had a great impact on us all. They are responsible for changes that have happened in times of segregation, to a more current time surrounded by IPhones. Steve Jobs and Fred Shuttlesworth are responsible for these changes that have created the world as we know it today. Although, both men were phenomenal at what they did, one will always be better. Fred Shuttlesworth fought for lifeRead MoreSteve Jobs Impact On America746 Words   |  3 PagesHerrera Mrs. Carrasco English 1 February 22nd, 2016 Steve Jobs’ Impact on America Steve jobs once said, â€Å"if today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you re about to do now? Steve Jobs today would be worth about $31.6 billion. He was a very smart person, becoming a very successful man. Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. His parents Joanne Schieble and Abdulfattah Jandali, gave him up for adoption. Steve Jobs s father was very hard on him, saying he did everythingRead MoreAn American Hero : Steve Jobs1644 Words   |  7 Pages An American Hero: Steve Jobs In fifty-six years of life, how much can you do to change the world? It is quite hard to imagine accomplishing everything Steve Jobs did in his lifespan, even while fighting cancer in his last seven years. Since childhood, life was not really fair to Jobs. He was abandoned by the parents who gave birth to him. Also, Steve Jobs did not dive into creating Apple from the beginning. Jobs worked other technological jobs such as in HP factories, selling illegal products calledRead MoreSteve Jobs Has Made A Huge Impact On Technology897 Words   |  4 PagesSteve Jobs has made a huge impact on technology, but people as well. Steve Job’s life and career exemplifies creativity. Starting out Jobs had many dreams and aspirations, similar to the way that many people do. However, Jobs differs from others in that he uses creative solutions to fix drastic problems. When we think of Apple as a company, most people think of Steve Jobs. While we know that many people are part of the team of App le, we tend to overlook that aspect. Jobs did something to technologyRead MoreSteve Jobs Essay1275 Words   |  6 Pagesthink that they can change the world, are the ones who do (Moncur 1).† This statement by Steve Jobs is what I believe drove him to his success. Jobs had a very successful life and impacted many people around the globe. He led the way of how computers are used and accessed today. To fully understand and appreciate Steve Job’s work, a person has to first understand his background, how he developed his projects, and the lasting impact it had on the world. Steve Jobs wasn’t always a computer whiz;

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Should Cannabis be legal Essay Example For Students

Should Cannabis be legal? Essay Should cannabis be legalized?While it would be nice to think that the current drug laws are working, you only have to go into a school to find that this is emphatically not the case. Clearly, despite the money spend on keeping Britain clear of drugs, only a fraction of imports are ever uncovered, and something has to change. The case for legalizing cannabis can be based around two arguments. First off is the obvious argument, and that it is impossible to stop people from importing cannabis illegally, or form even growing it themselves. Weather that is in there homes or on privet property outside. No matter how hard you try, you will never rid the US of this drug. More importantly, this drug is not a harmful drug like ecstasy, heroin, acid, and actually has medical benefits to those suffering from arthritis, and other forms of diseases, helping to ease the pain. Legalizing the drug would have no adverse social consequences, and could even bring peace in time of war like the indians used it for. Money could be diverted into areas where it could be put to better use, such as policing hard core drugs and even paying off the national debt. The supply of cannabis could even be regulated by the government. The government could also make more money by putting an import tax on cannabis. Also the police would know who it is who is buying the drugs. By making a trivial drug like ca nnabis illegal, the police are simply forcing the problem underground, where they have no knowledge or control, contributing to crime. the legalization of this drug would also cause the county jails and prisons to become less full making more room for the people out there that commit real crimes like murder and rape. The second argument is that the government has no right to prevent people who want to use cannabis form doing so. You could even associate the use of cannabis with the drinking of alcohol. It temporally changes the way you behave. You can become addicted to it. It can be misused (but in that sense you have to bring to attention that cannabis is the only none legal drug that has not and does not have the potential to kill someone). You could indeed say that alcohol is worse than cannabis, since it has no tangible health uses, and its intact leads to aggressive behavior that effects others, rather than pacifying you like cannabis. However, apart from a few right-wing Christians, there are very few people calling for alcohol to be made illegal, and such a ban would be impossible to enforce (shown in America, where drinking was actually found to have increased once it was made illegal). The argument is that people should be free to do as they please (within reason) and the use of cannabi s should be a personal responsibility like drinking already is. Where ever you stand on soft drugs like cannabis, the first argument is basically common sense. We all know that drugs are always going to get in and be in our culture some how, and the stricter the controls, the less that is actually known about the people and the produce involved. The second argument is purely a personal viewpoint. In my opinion, resources would be much better used to prevent real menaces such as hard-core drugs like acid heroin and cocaine. Equally, by taxing cannabis in the way that imports and alcohol are, the government could rake in large amounts of money into education about drugs, and funding drug rehab clinics which could help reduce the problem. Whatever your views, the current system clearly isnt working, and as most of us know the existing legislation on cannabis is based on history and politics, not knowledge of the drug. If you disagree with legalizing cannabis, its up to you to come up w ith a better solution.